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Jeannette Kielp is a lifelong resident of Illinois. She is blessed to be married to a wonderful man, Jeff Kielp. They have four children and eight grandchildren. She began writing in mid 2004 after giving her life to Christ. She has written over 100 poems and several books. Jeannette has spent the last 24 years as a home daycare provider however she has retired so she can focus on writing. As she has felt it was time to close one door of her life to open another. Jeannette has had several poems published and is thrilled to have published her first children’s book, Bigger than the Bogie Man, a story about conquering night time fears. Her second children's book, Bigger than my Family was released in November, 2014. The story continues with conquering fears addressing issues within the home. You may be surprised to read what God has to say about family problems. Bigger than Christmas Time is the third in the series of four. A story of the true meaning of Christmas. A delight for all ages. TRUST is Jeannette's first teen/adult book. It will speak to your heart and remind you of God's love and faithfulness during difficult times, when trust is needed the most. It will assure you that God is with you, that He is trustworthy and will bring you through any situation you are battling.